Goodbye Blog

I must leave you now, blog world. 

As Hulk Hogan taught us, the newsletter was a dinosaur that was taken over by the internet.  Well, for me, the blog is the dinosaur that has been taken over by twitter. 

So, this is not goodbye, just a new hello.  If you aren’t already following me on twitter, do so.  Now.

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Dreams Do Come True…

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Full House Reviewed!

Take time to check out the greatest blog of all time, reviewing every episode of the worst show not named Family Matters in history, Full House.

New reviews posted every Friday.  I can’t wait until he gets to the Viper years!

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Life Lessons from Road House

Most critics agree that Road House is the greatest film in the history of film.  Its true greatness lies in the fact that it’s not only entertaining, but it is educational as well.  Based on that fact, I present Life Lessons from Road House. 

-Opinions vary.

-Take the train.

-Some people (like Brad Wesley, for instance) keep taking and taking, until someone takes them.

-It’s ok to like horses, if they like you.

-When you’re stuck in a difficult situation and you’re struggling on what to say, simply state “A polar bear fell on top of me.”

-Never marry an ugly woman, it just takes the energy right out of you.

-You’ve got insurance, don’t you?

-Always carry your own medical records.  Saves time.

-Nobody wins a fight.

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Ten Willie Nelson Albums You Can’t Live Without

Willie Nelson is a national treasure, we all know this.  He’s quite the prolific artist as well, and there’s a ton of material out by him.  There are lots and lots worth owning, but if you’re going to narrow it down to 10, these are the 10 Willie Nelson albums you can’t live without:

10. Always On My Mind

9. Yesterday’s Wine

8. To Lefty From Willie

7. Sings Kristofferson

6. Red Headed Stranger

5. Stardust

4. The Sound In Your Mind

3. Shotgun Willie

2. Phases & Stages

1. Willie & Family Live

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The Brothers Jones

If you haven’t already, take the time to check out this video from my favorite brother duo since Rick & Scott Steiner, that being Drew and Rod Jones, a.k.a. The Brothers Jones:

While you’re feeling Jonesy, also be sure to check out, or “take heed” the greatest blog, at least on this planet of Earth, that being the blog of younger brother Rod Jones (the intellectual one):

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True Grit

Go do yourself a big favor and see the Coen Brothers’ new Western masterpiece, True Grit.  Jeff Bridges is awesome.  Matt Damon is awesome.  Neither is nothing new.  But also newcomer Hailee Steinfeld, yep, she’s awesome too.  I enjoyed every minute of this movie.  It was also great to see Barry Pepper again.  Last time I saw him he was saying “All I wanna do is race, Daddy” in that terrible/awesome Dale Earnhardt movie. 

Unfortunately we don’t get too many westerns these days, but usually when we do they are worth checking out (Apaloosa, 3:10 To Yuma), and this is no exception.

Ush approved!!!

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