Back The Hack

Did you know I have met Gene Hackman?  It’s true.  Here’s the pic to prove it:

We all know Gene Hackman is awesome.  What are your favorite Hackman peformances?  I’ll get us started:

-Little Bill in “Unforgiven”

-Norman Dale in “Hoosiers”

-Royal in “The Royal Tenenbaums”

-Captain Frank Ramsey in “Crimson Tide”


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3 Responses to Back The Hack

  1. H-Bull says:

    Special Agent Rupert Anderson in “Mississippi Burning”

    John Herod in the very underrated “The Quick and the Dead”

  2. Calvin C. Burnside says:

    I guess you think I’m kicking ya, huh, Bob?

  3. Brian S. [BSR] says:

    I’ll always be partial to his Young Frankenstein role.

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